Nature's Fish Tank Toyama Bay Sushi

Nature's Fish Tank Toyama Bay Sushi


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Toyama Bay Sushi

For family anniversaries and celebrations, or for business events and meetings. UOSUSHI is catered by chefs, who shape the sushi in front of your eyes. You can enjoy the feeling of going to a sushi restaurant while at home or at work.They're hidden in the shadow of the popular staple toppings, but they're actually delicious! Sushi made from rare fish usual for Toyamawan. *The toppings may differ depending on the supply.*Separate business trip fee (see website)



Store Name UOSUSHI
Address 101 Otayamachi, Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture (Otaya Serio)*Toyama Bay Sushi will be provided on a business trip.
Telephone number 080-5853-0405
Business hours 11:00~21:00
Regular holiday Wednesday
Set price 4,950yen
Benefits for reservations made up until the day before Comes with free small side dish and two pieces of nigiri sushi.
Number of seats -
Parking lot -
Homepage address