If you come to Toyama, where “Toyamawan-Sushi” was born,
you can taste skillfully prepared, natural fish preserve delectable sushi.

A natural fish preserve known as Toyama Bay.
With its flow of warm and cold currents, Toyama Bay is a bountiful source of numerous varieties of fish.
As the fishing grounds and harbor are incredibly close, you can experience sushi of excellent taste and freshness.
It is only possible for those who visit Toyama to taste the excellent sushi.
By all means, please visit the pride of Toyama, “Toyamawan-Sushi”.

Toyamawan-Sushi is…

It is a menu set which consists of 10 pieces of sushi
made from fresh fish caught in Toyama Bay as well as soup.

1 set of 10 pieces,
at a fixed price of between 2000 and 3500 yen (tax included)

富山湾鮨 一献セット

Toyamawan We have 100 types of seasonal sushi.