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Toyama Bay Sushi “Ikkon Set”

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Sakura Sushi and its personable owner are proud to have so many repeat visitors. Nearly all of our more than 20 varieties of seafood are sourced in Himi. Available saké brands include Wakakoma, Masuizumi, and Sanshoraku. Our conger eel sushi is especially popular, while all of the Toyama seafood is recommended. We strive to offer fried glass shrimp all year round. Some visitors staying in Kanazawa make the trip to visit our restaurant, whose charms we hope will make you want to come again.

Shop information

Name Sakura Sushi
Address 1255,Nomura,Takaoka City,Toyama
TEL 0766-28-1076
Business hours 11:30~14:00、17:00~22:00
Seats 40
Parking 10
※Credit cards not accepted