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Ayumi Sushi Honke

Toyama Bay Sushi
寿司:Ayumi Sushi Honke
寿司:Ayumi Sushi Honke
寿司:Ayumi Sushi Honke

Come and enjoy a wealth of flavors derived from fresh ingredients ranging from the seasonal fish of Toyama Bay to rare produce sent directly from the land where it is grown. Different dining spaces are also available, with kotatsu-style tatami rooms provided for small groups and larger tatami rooms for big banquets. You'll relish the authentic Edomae sushi made using traditional techniques.

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Store Name Ayumi Sushi Honke
Address 1-2-30,Kitashinmachi,Toyama City,Toyama
Telephone number 076-433-5066
Business hours 17:00~24:00 (Sunday,public holiday17:00~22:30)
Regular holiday Monday
Set price 5,500yen
Benefits for reservations made up until the day before Small pot dish
Number of seats 50
Parking lot 7
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