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Miki Sushi

Toyama Bay Sushi
寿司:Miki Sushi
寿司:Miki Sushi
寿司:Miki Sushi

The most famous item on the Miki Sushi menu is the "Tokusei Anago-zushi" (special conger eel sushi), known for its size to the surprise of first time eaters. This masterpiece is made with soft and fluffy conger eel and a secret sauce. Monkfish liver is also popular, as a snack or added to a hot pot.

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Store Name Miki Sushi
Address 1-9-32,Joto,Takaoka City,Toyama
Telephone number 0766-25-1051
Business hours 12:00~13:30LO,17:00~21:00LO(Sunday,public holiday~20:30LO)
Regular holiday Monday ,Last Sunday of the month
Set price 3,850yen
Benefits for reservations made up until the day before Small pot dish
Number of seats 45
Parking lot 20
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